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  • Great fun
  • Funny music
  • Stats and leaderboards
  • Integrated with Twitter/Facebook


  • None so far


Monster Dash for Chrome is a browser-based version of the perpetually popular running and shooting game.

As the hero, Barry Steakfries, you need to blast the monsters that appear, but you can't stop moving or jumping. Monster Dash is a seriously simple game. Run, shoot the monsters that appear, and jump over any gaps or obstacles. Use up or space bar to jump, and right or Ctrl to fire - that's it!

Monster Dash is one of those games that's so uncomplicated you might wonder why it's popular. Just start playing, though, and you'll understand. It's free, easy to pick up and seriously addictive. You can view the all-time high scores, your own stats and share your games on Facebook and Twitter. We guarantee you'll love it.

Obviously to play you'll need Chrome, and if you like Monster Dash enough after trying it there, you might also want it on your iPhone. Luckily, you can!

Monster Dash

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Monster Dash Chrome

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