Ascendo Money for Blackberry

Ascendo Money for Blackberry 3.1.2

Track your personal finances on the go!


  • Easy sync between desktop and Blackberry versions
  • Create unlimited accounts
  • Packed with financial management tools


  • No support for online banking

Very good

Sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to take care of all the mundane tasks in life, like managing your personal finances. If you have a Blackberry device it can be easier though, thanks to Ascendo Money.

This application is designed to make it easy for you to create and manage an unlimited number of accounts on your device, such as Checking, Credit Cards, Savings and Loans. The download comes with two versions - one for your desktop and one for your Blackberry. They both behave in a similar way, except the PC version is obviously easier to work with because typing is not so much of a problem. You can sync your data from the desktop to the Blackberry software very easily with Ascendo Money.

The program is certainly very powerful and the degree of customization is overwhelming. You can manage different account types, schedule recurring transactions, manage and organize payees, set budgets and filter transactions in a number of ways. The user interface is fairly easy to work your way around once you've got used to it, but unfortunately there's no help facility to introduce you to the various menus.

Ascendo's huge range of financial management features and tools isn't completely exhaustive, as unfortunately there is no option for accessing online banking through the software.

That said, this is still an impressive suite for anyone wishing to organize their finances on the move.

Ascendo Money for Blackberry


Ascendo Money for Blackberry 3.1.2

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